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Best Washer Dryer Combo for Large Family in 2022

top list of washer dryer combo

Raise your hand if you love doing laundry.

What… nobody? – Shocking!

Despite laundry being a fairly hands-off chore, it still feels very time consuming and involved. Loading the washer with soap and clothes is the easy part, though not fun, having to move it from the washer to the dryer is where many of us falter. This one extra step makes laundry seem like a chore rather than a quick daily task.

The good news is that there is a solution for this small, but time-consuming step. A washer-dryer combo is a convenient home appliance for those looking to cut down on laundry time or for those in smaller flats without room for two separate machines.

Instead of having a separate washing machine and condenser tumble dryer machine, you have an “all in one” machine that does both jobs. If this sounds like something you need in your life as soon as possible, see our list for the 5 best washer-dryers below and find out how to choose one for your home, with our helpful washer-dryer buying guide.

1. Hoover H-Wash HWD69AMBC Washer-Dryer

hoover 500 washer dryer

The Hoover H-Wash 500 washer-dryer offers a wide variety of washing options and requires very minimal effort from the busy laundry doer. With their Intelligent Wash technology, you can throw in a load of mixed fabrics and cocoloursnto the 8kg drum and not worry about a thing.

With this technology, using both the Quick-wash and Low-Temperature programmes, all of your clothes will get clean while staying true to colour.

Perfect for busy big families, the H-wash 500 has not one, but three Quick Wash options. Choose from a 14 minute, 30 minute, or 44-minute quick wash to get important loads done quickly.

With a 5 kg dryer that adapts to the size of the load and a KG Mode that weighs your laundry to get the perfect wash setting and use just the right amount of water, it’s no wonder the Hoover Dynamic Next has an A energy rating. NFC connectivity, allowing you to control your washer-dryer conveniently from your smartphone, and the steam function to reduce wrinkles makes this a great option for those looking for a feature-packed washer-dryer at a very affordable price.

With 13 wash programmes and 3 drying programmes, this washer-dryer can handle everything from a small load of tee shirts to a week’s worth of your child’s play clothes. The dryer spin speed is 1400rpm and is rated A for both washing and drying class.

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2. Bosch Serie 6 All-in-One Washer-Dryer

top Bosch Washer Dryer Combo

Bosch is a trusted name in nearly all home appliances and their washer-dryer is no exception. The capacity is slightly smaller than the Hoover, with a 7kg wash capacity and 4kg dry, but its energy efficiency, speed, and noise level make up for the slightly smaller load size.

The Bosch Serie 6 has the quietest motor on our list, its EcoSilence Drive washes at 47 decibels and dries at 59, perfect for those of you whose laundry is not located in a separate part of your home. This model has an A energy rating and 16 programmes.

Most noteworthy, the Allergy + programme which gets rid of pollen and other allergens on your clothing and the Hygiene Care programme that uses hot air before the wash cycle then washes clothes at 30°C to save on energy and still get your clothes thoroughly clean while keeping them damage-free.

If you’re in the market for a quiet washer-dryer from a trusted brand with enough programmes and features to wash any load of laundry imaginable, the Bosch Serie 6 should be at the top of your list.

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3. Candy Smart Pro CSOW41063DWCE Combo

candy GVSW family size washer dryer all in one

The GrandÒ Vita washer-dryer has a digital display for easy selection with the available 15 washing options and 3 drying options. Much like the above mentioned Hoover model, you can connect your Android smartphone to your machine using the Candy Simply Fi app and you can control, maintain, and manage your washer-dryer right from your mobile device.

With an 10kg washing capacity and 6kg dry, this machine can conquer any size load you need to be washed. Its Mix Power System + (MPS+) technology creates a highly concentrated mix of cleaning detergent and water which sprays from a high-pressure jet and penetrates the fabric, for a thorough clean even on low-temperature settings.

Receiving an A energy rating, the GrandÒ Vita can measure your laundry load within the first four minutes of the cycle and adjust the water usage, cycle time, and energy usage to save you both time and money on every single load of laundry you do. The GrandÒ Vita is the most budget-friendly model on our list and is a perfect washer-dryer for those looking to have thoroughly washed clothes in a short amount of time while still saving on energy and water.

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4. Indesit Innex XWDE 961480X WKKK Washer Dryer

Indesit white washer dryer combination

Another energy-efficient washer-dryer is the Indesit Innex. With a washing capacity of 9kg, it’s one of the two largest capacity washer-dryers on our list. Using just 95 litres of water per load and earning an A energy rating, the Indesit Innex is a hard-working washer-dryer that can tackle all of your daily laundry needs and still save on energy costs.

The Indesit’s Push & Wash programme allows you to hold a single button for two seconds and have a fresh, thoroughly clean load of laundry in just 45 minutes. Not only is this washer-dryer quick, but its Water Balance feature also measures the correct amount of water for each load of wash and eliminates any wasted water and energy usage.

With 13 programmes, this machine does it all, even shoes! A special Shoe programme can be selected to keep your trainers looking brand new. Select the Sports cycle to keep your hard-working fabrics, like Gortex, fresh and clean and the Antiodours programme can eliminate sweat, smoke, or food odours from your favourite garments. The Sensor Dry keeps your fabrics from overheating and makes it easy to see why the Indesit Innex Washer Dryer is a highly-rated, customer favourite.

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5. Hotpoint Futura FDL 9640K Black Washer Dryer Combo

black washing and drying machine

The second 9kg capacity washer-dryer on our list is the Hotpoint Future Washer Dryer in stylish black. This hard-working laundry machine receives an A energy rating and has 10 individual washing programmes to meet any of your laundry washing needs, whether you’re living solo or doing laundry for a crowd.

The Anti-Allergy programme has earned the Hotpoint Futura the Allergy UK Seal of Approval as it eliminates 99% of major daily allergens. Their 45-minute Ready to Wear cycle washes your everyday garments quickly and the Sensor Dry spin can automatically detect the humidity level to stop the dryer at the perfect time, keeping your clothes from damage and your energy bill low.

Not only can you select Super Wash for heavily soiled loads and Eco Wash to help save on energy costs, but you can also rest easy knowing your most-worn knits will come out looking like new as the Hotpoint Future has also been Woolmark approved. From a small load of everyday shirts to your favourite knit jumper, to your kids’ sports uniforms, the Hotpoint Future is a superb Washer Dryer that can tackle them all.

Now that you’ve seen everything washer-dryers can do and our top picks, how will you choose which one is right for your home? Use our handy buying guide below to help make the decision a little easier.

Washer-Dryer Buying Guide

How do washer-dryers work?

These machines may sound like they would be high maintenance and too involved for the average laundry doer, but their process is really quite simple.

You load the clothes into the machine along with laundry detergent and the washer part of the appliance washes, rinses, then spins, like any other washing machine.

Once the laundry has finished washing and spinning to remove excess water, the washer-dryer machine becomes a tumble dryer that heats the air that is taken out of the machine during the wash cycle, cools it so it condenses back to water that can be drained, and then tumbles your clothes with hot, dry air to dry them. It really is just two normal laundry machines in one.

Size and Capacity

The average washer-dryer capacity is 8kg for washing functionality and 4kg for drying. But what does that really mean in terms of load size? You’ll want to focus more on the drying capacity, as it’s smaller and gives you more of a sense of how big your laundry loads can be.

For reference, a 4kg drying capacity machine fits about 20 tee shirts in one load. A 7kg drying capacity will fit closer to 35 tee shirts. From our list above, the Indesit and the Hotpoint Futura have the largest drying capacity at 6kg each.

Our tip: Always check the drying capacity as it is smaller than the washing capacity and take that into account when assessing your family’s needs. For someone living alone or a couple, 4kg drying capacity is perfectly adequate, but larger families will want to find something closer to 6kg or higher.

Water and Energy Usage

You’ll notice that all washer-dryers have a grade from A to G. A grades have the best energy efficiency and will cost you less in utility bills over time than lower-grade models. All of the models listed above have earned an A grade for energy class rating.

Much like other newer home appliances, many washer-dryers also come with Eco wash options, which usually use lower water temperature to save on cost and energy. The automatic features many of the above-listed models have, like sensor dry and auto-measurements for load sizes, help in cutting down on energy use and cost as well.

Our tip: Don’t skimp on the grade here. Many affordable options have an A energy class rating and they will be worth it in the long term. Look for A-rated machines and if you can afford it, consider models that use only the precise amount of water and energy needed for each load.

Spin Speed

The spin speed on an average washer-dryer is from 1200rpm to 1600rpm. This speed measures the number of times your washer-dryer spins per minute to remove excess water from your clothing. Some washer-dryers come with an adjustable spin speed to better suit your delicate or heavier clothing, but for the most part, washer-dryers come with an average of 1400 rpm.

Our tip: Higher spin speed does not always equal faster cycles or drier clothes and in most cases, 1400rpm will do just fine. Read customer reviews to see if there are any negatives posted regarding drying times and if the spin speed is under 1400rpm, that may be why.

Programmes & Functions

Washer-Dryers come with so much more than just heavy, normal, and light wash options. There are special programmes to eliminate allergens, sport-fabric programmes, anti-odour programmes, and even shoe wash functions.

Download the washer-dryer model’s instruction manual online to review the programmes and their features. Be sure to check the washing and drying class rating. All of the above models have an A grade for washing and a B or better for drying.

Our Tip: Since washer-dryers come with so many features, focus on the ones most important to you. If you go for a daily run and have sweaty workout gear, the Sport Cycle would be a great addition. But if you avoid running and instead have a lot of delicate suits for work, look for models with programmes and water temperatures best for your delicate fabrics that are Woolmark certified.

Noise Level

With washer-dryers you’ll want to consider three total noise levels: wash, spin, and dry. While many washer-dryers claim near-silent motors, keep in mind that the spin cycle is going to be the loudest, though also very quick.

The average levels for the wash cycle are around 55-60 decibels and 60 for the dry. Most of these noise levels are quite quiet and you likely only need to worry about it if you live in a small flat with no separate laundry area.

Our Tip: For those truly worried about the noise level, try to find something at or under 55 decibels for the wash. The spin cycle will inevitably be louder, but as it only lasts a few minutes, focus on the wash and dry cycle noise levels.

As with any appliance you add to your home, you will want to make the decision based on your personal lifestyle. A washer-dryer is a wonderful option if you are short on space or short on time. Select the best model for your home by considering the size, functionality, and budget.