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Best Vented Tumble Dryers of 2022

top vented tumble dryer

A tumble dryer can be a game-changer if you’re ready to upgrade from exclusively line-dried laundry. Of course, you may simply be looking for a better dryer than the one that’s currently in your home. A vented tumble dryer is a stellar choice for a number of reasons. They’re the most affordable option and super simple to use once set up.

The DIY Dwelling team have curated this handy list of the best vented tumble dryers you can buy online in the UK. We’ve shortlisted four for you to pick from, all built by top UK brands – Beko, Candy, Hoover, and White Knight.

1. Candy CSV9DF 9Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

candy 9kg vented tumble dryer

This vented dryer by Candy – a world leader in major domestic appliances – offers a nice taste of high-tech functionality in a very simple package. It uses sensors to work out the perfect drying time for you. It also allows you to control the drying process from your Android device or iPhone via an app (Optional).

The big thing to like about this dryer is the way it uses sensor-based drying technology to detect the right amount of moisture for each load. It will automatically stop each cycle when it reaches optimal dryness to avoid any over-drying related damage to your clothes and linens. This technology also saves time and energy.

A 9-kg sized drum creates a nice amount of space for fitting in large loads. Things like heavy wet bedding, curtains, and large towels are no problem. There’s no need to presort before loading with this model. It actually has a mixed-dry option on its program dial. A special Smart Touch feature keeps you in control of monitoring and controlling the drying process from your Android device.

Calling all people who hate to iron! This dryer by Candy features a special reverse-action setting that actually turns the drum in two directions to ensure that you’re clothes don’t get all balled up during drying. Yes, you can now use your tumble dryer to iron the creases out of your clothes. That means you can get dressed right after you pull your clothes out of the dryer without wrinkles – such a cool feature for busy families.

candy CSV9DF dryer control

The one thing that must be mentioned is that this option doesn’t have a special child-proof feature. That’s something to consider if you’ll be placing this dryer in a spot where it can be accessed by very young children. However, there are plenty of robust features that make this a perfect option if that isn’t an issue. Here’s the rundown:

  • Large 9-kg drying load.
  • C-class energy efficiency.
  • Wide-opening door.
  • Time-saving “quick dry” cycle.
  • Filter-full indicator.
  • Large portal.
  • Delayed timer (9 hours).
  • Annual anticipated energy consumption of 636 kWh.
  • Venting hose included.
  • “Smart Touch” app compatible.
  • Up to 15 unique drying programs.

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2. Beko Freestanding 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer DTGV7000W

beko 7kg vented tumble dryer

This vented dryer proves that there’s beauty in simplicity. This particular dryer earns points right out of the gate due to its hefty 7-kg load capacity. That means that you’re going to be able to dry some of your larger items pretty easily even though you don’t necessarily have a mammoth dryer taking up space in your home.

The other standout feature of this freestanding vented dryer is its sensor programming. This system actually stops the cycle in its tracks when it detects that the optimal dryness level has been obtained. That’s really important for saving energy. It’s also useful for preserving the integrity of your favourite clothes because an over-drying situation can actually lead to major wear and tear on fabrics. In fact, fabrics that spend more time in the dryer than necessary can actually become so stiff that they break more easily.

There’s one feature in this dryer that busy people will love! Have you ever been “guilty” of leaving clothing in the dryer for too long after the cycle is done? This usually means that you’ll be living with creases in your clothes until laundry day rolls around again. That’s not the case with this dryer. That’s because it comes with an automatic anti-creasing function. You’ll notice the drum rotating periodically during that two-hour window after your cycle is done.

It’s pretty easy to see why this innovative dryer simply makes life easier. That makes it worth considering if you’re looking for what stands out as a heavy-duty, feature-rich dryer. Here’s a last glance at what it offers:

  • 15 programming options.
  • 7-kg drying capacity.
  • Cool tumble.
  • C-class energy efficiency.
  • Child-safety feature.
  • Weighs 30 kg.
  • End-of-cycle buzzer (optional).
  • Anti-crease features.
  • Reverse-drum action for better garment separation.
  • Energy consumption of 4.84 kWh per load.

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3. Hoover HLV9LG 9KG Vented Tumble Dryer – White

hoover vented dryer

This 9-kg capacity dryer offers an innovative drying solution that looks understated and stylish. The design offers very solid performance when it comes to drying time and efficiency. You can use the machine’s “sensor dry” technology to set the level of dryness required. The machine will switch off automatically once that dryness level is reached. There are also options for “store dry, “hand dry” and “iron dry.”

A reverse-action drum helps to prevent clothing from becoming tangled, bunched and wrinkled during the drying process. There’s also an exclusive 40-minute rapid program that makes it easy to get serious drying power in a short amount of time. In addition, you can sync the dryer up with an Android device. However, there is no child lock on this model. Here’s an overview of the notable features of this Hoover dryer:

  • 9-kg load capacity.
  • Fluff filter.
  • Filter-full indicator.
  • Reservoir-full indicator.
  • Delayed start (24 hours).
  • C-class energy rating.
  • 15 program controls.
  • Uses 5.35 kWh per cycle.
  • Vent kit included.

4. Cookology CMVD25WH: Best Compact Tumble Dryer – 2.5kg

cookology compact tumble dryer with vent

This is an ultra-petite dryer that’s ideal for a one-person household. What you’ll notice immediately about this dryer is the way its small stature does not prevent it from offering some big features. You’re getting a 3-kg load capacity with this model. It also features a timer and automatic heat control, all by a big front-mounted dial. There’s even a final cool-down and “air dry” option.

This compact dryer does come with some limitations. The most obvious is that it doesn’t have two-direction tumble action. That won’t necessarily be a big deal to you if you like to iron or press your clothing after a dryer session. However, it does mean that items may not emerge looking as crisp as they might with dual tumbling.

This is an ultra-portable machine. Its net weight is just 17kg, making it easy to move positions. You’re also likely to like the way the fluff filter on this design is so easy to access. Even the dials are placed to be very easy to access. This is ultimately a space-saving vent dryer that gets the job done without bells and whistles. Here’s a quick look at the dryer’s standout features:

  • 2.5-kg load capacity.
  • Uses around 2.05 kWh per cycle.
  • Portable.
  • C-class energy rating.
  • Includes a vent pipe kit.
  • Noise level of around 64 dB.
  • Available in colours; Black, White, Silver

How to Buy the Right Vented Tumble Dryer

The big identifying feature of a vented tumble dryer is the hose, unlike condenser dryers that capture water inside a hidden tank. This hose is the mechanism used to vent the same air that’s whipped up during the drying process away from the machine. Just make sure that you have a good ventilation hole on a wall or window in the area where you plan to place your vented dryer.

You can practically feel soft, freshly dried fabric pressed up against your chin already after reading through those vented dryer reviews. However, there’s still a little more work to do before deciding on the perfect vented tumble dryer! Let’s cover the big details to keep in mind as you make your purchasing decision.

Dryer Size

Size may just be the most important factor when it comes to deciding between vented tumble dryers. Home dryers range from 3 kg to 10 kg in size.

A single person or couple may find that a dryer in the range of 3 kg to 7 kg offers all they need. However, moving into the range of 7 kg to 8 kg is probably ideal if you have a household with two to three people. You’ll probably find a sweet spot somewhere between 8 kg and 10 kg for a larger household or family.

Moisture Sensors

Everybody should really love good sensor technology on a dryer. The fact is that sensors really help to preserve and protect your favourite garments through many washes and wears.

An over-drying problem can shorten the lifespan of clothing by creating stiffness that ultimately leads to rips and excessive “bobbling”. What’s more, you often notice a loss of softness or colour vibrancy that reduces the beauty of garments long before a rip “finishes them off.” The other bonus of sensors is that you’re going to be able to reduce energy consumption over the long term, as the dryer shuts off and sounds a beeping alarm when fabrics become dry.


There isn’t a ton of variation among vented tumble dryers when it comes to style. However, even the most subtle of style variances could be a big deal to you if your dryer will be placed in a high-visibility spot. Features like LED displays and smooth knobs can make a vented dryer much more of a style asset in a laundry area.

Top brands like Beko and Candy usually put some nice aesthetic design into their appliances and offer some colour choices.

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Finding a Vented Dryer That Makes Laundry Easy

All anybody wants at the end of the day when shopping for a vented tumble dryer is a relatively inexpensive way to dry clothes at home in very little time. Just remember that picking a dryer that can accommodate the amount of laundry you do daily or weekly is really going to be the “priority factor.” You can then narrow down your choice based on tech features and by browsing our list of top-rated dryers.