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Best Hard Floor Cleaners for Laminate, Tiles, and Vinyl in 2022

hard floor cleaner machine

What a mop and bucket can do is really just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the deep, thorough cleaning your floors need. Most people aren’t fully cleaning their floors if they’re not using machines because they’re trapped in a cycle of dipping mops into dirty buckets and dragging “used” water all over their floors. The results?

Germs, streaks, and murky floors. Floors are simply cleaner and more attractive when they’re cleaned with hard floor cleaner machines.

Today’s best hard floor cleaners simultaneously clean and beautify floors while rescuing you from one of the toughest household tasks. The result is a professional-looking clean every time. This is absolutely one of the best one-time investments for keeping a home clean and beautiful.

1. Kärcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner

karcher hard laminate floor cleaner machine

The peppy yellow colour on the shell of this floor cleaner is certainly indicative of its peppy performance! First, you’re getting smart roller technology that cuts cleaning time in half by washing and vacuuming in a single step.

This cleaner’s technology also does away with one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to clean any floor by delivering edge-to-edge cleaning performance. That means you can get right up into edges for a fully clean surface area.

Do you know that pesky problem of using “recycled” water when dipping a mop into a bucket while cleaning floors? It’s gone with the FC5. You’re instead getting a twin-tank water system that keeps clean water and dirty water completely separated all throughout the cleaning process.

The roller technology here also helps with super-fast drying. In fact, floors can typically be walked on just two minutes after cleaning. The only downside to this unit is that it is corded. That should be fine unless you’re exclusively looking for a cordless, chargeable unit. And the good news is, that the Karcher FC5 also comes in a cordless version.

The Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner is a great choice for someone who’s tired of a two-step cleaning process, and the perfect pick for those with laminate flooring. The dual design on this cleaner means you’ll never scrub again! Let’s do a rundown of the stats and impressions for this little breath of fresh air:

  • Very lightweight and easy to navigate.
  • Works on wood, laminates, tiles, and stone floors.
  • 240 volts
  • Self cleaning Smart Roller with thorough cleaning technology
  • Washes and vacuums for fast drying (protecting wood laminate)
  • Comes with two microfiber rollers, one detergent bottle and a docking station.
  • Looped handle is a little tight.
  • Premium Karcher brand

2. Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

vax cordless hard floor cleaner

This is an award-winning three-in-one floor cleaner that vacuums wash and dries simultaneously. When used with the Vax ONEPWR solution, this machine is capable of cleaning 99.9 per cent of bacteria. One feature that may get this Vax model on your radar is that it’s cordless.

You can expect a battery runtime of about 30 minutes when the unit is fully charged. That’s generally enough to get a full room done with no issues.

However, the three-hour charge time needed between jobs might not make this a desirable option if you’re looking for something you can use for a home-cleaning business.

This unit is really lightweight and easy to push. The proprietary “DirtTracker” LED headlights at the front of the unit give you the advantage of having a headlight that points out dirt. This comes in really handy when you’re cleaning under tables or against cabinet baseboards.

The Vax ONEPWR uses twin-tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water fully separate. The design even takes things a step further with an auto-clean system that rinses your machine as soon as you’re done cleaning. Yes, the days of painstakingly rinsing a messy mop are officially in your rear-view mirror forever once you swap to this cleaner.

There’s clearly a lot to love if you’re looking for an ultra-easy way to take care of your floors. The battery power on this unit is sort of a mixed bag depending on how much surface you really need to cover in a cleaning session. The 30-minute window is really perfect if you’re just looking to clean your kitchen floor easily. Here’s a rundown of the specs on the Vax ONEPWR:

  • Washes and drys floors in one sweep
  • Works on wood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, stone and tile floors.
  • Powerful floor sanitising technology
  • Removable ONEPWR Lithium-ion battery.
  • Weighs just over 10 pounds.
  • Sturdy and elongated looped handle.
  • Built by Vax – a reputable UK home cleaning brand

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3. iFLOOR3 One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floorings (Tineco Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner)


This is a three-in-one system that vacuums, washes and dries floors in one streak-free, easy step. The Tineco iFLOOR3 wet-dry vacuum earns points for its silent suction power that lets you get your floors in top condition with zero disruptions for family members and pets!

This is a fully cordless floor cleaner with a runtime of about 25 minutes. Generally, this cleaner has enough power to get through a large room easily. However, it might leave you wanting if you’re looking to do big jobs in a short amount of time.

An LED display that provides real-time performance updates gives the iFLOOR3 a high-tech feel. You’re also sure to like the unit’s self-cleaning system for keeping brushes and tubs really fresh and odourless. This unit uses dual-tank technology that always leaves your clean and dirty water fully separate. Lastly, this unit docks and stores easily! Here’s a glance at the big features:

  • Vacuum and wash any hard flooring simultaneously
  • Fully cordless (25 mins runing time)
  • Features LED display.
  • Weighs just under 10 pounds.
  • Includes charging base, HEPA filters and cleaning solution.
  • Red Dot Winner 2020
  • Streak-free finish

4. BISSELL CrossWave 3-in-1 Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

Bissell all-in-one

You’re getting the ability to vacuum, wash and dry your floors using one unit with this washer. This is a corded unit that is very lightweight and easy to navigate into spaces with help from a unique pivoting head. There’s also a digital touchpoint that allows you to control the cleaning experience intuitively.

What makes the CrossWave stand out is that it is designed for both hard floors and area rugs. The brush on this cleaner actually pulls off nicely for very easy, neat maintenance and storage. In addition, a two-tank cleaning system ensures that clean and dirty water never mingle! Here’s a glance at the BISSELL CrossWave’s key features and impressions:

  • Digital controls.
  • Safe and effective for use on all hard floor types
  • Weighs just over 11 pounds.
  • 2 tanks keep clean and dirty water apart
  • Attractive design

5.BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor Cleaning System


The SpinWave is a rugged, versatile unit that excels at grabbing those stubborn stains and debris that are impossible to tackle with a mop. A combination of rapid movement and microfiber pads creates a really vibrant shine that reveals the natural beauty of floors. What’s sure to be your favourite thing about this cleaning system is that it doesn’t require disposable pads.

That means you can stop spending money on throwaway pads by simply washing the unit’s high-quality reusable pads. These pads are actually much gentler than cheap, reusable pads.

Another feature that makes the SpinWave really stand out is its on-demand spray feature. This feature actually gives you full control to spray as needed while the unit is going. The big advantage to this is that you won’t need to go back to dig at caked-on debris after the machine has done its thing like you might with units that are less powerful. Here’s the rundown:

  • Powerful sweeping action
  • Weighs just over 9.5 pounds
  • Comes with two sets of washable spin pads and a bottle of BISSELLL formula.
  • Ideal for hardwood floors and ceramic tile
  • Superb cleaning vet gentle buffer

Choosing the Right Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

In the market for a better, easier way to clean your floors? Get yourself a great hard floor cleaner machine – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

People who love a clean floor get pretty excited about picking out a new hard floor cleaner! This can be a good item to splurge on because splurging is definitely justified. The investment you make in an effective, high-quality floor cleaner is really an investment in your floors. The big takeaway? You almost certainly should be in the market for a new hard floor cleaning machine if you’ve recently installed new floors or moved into a place with nice floors.

Breaking Down the Benefits of a Hard Floor Cleaner

Mops don’t cut it if you want clean, preserved floors. Mops also create a very difficult, time-consuming and unsanitary cleaning experience that is best left in the past now that it’s so easy to buy and use a cleaning machine. Here’s the big breakdown of why it’s time to upgrade if you haven’t already:

  • You’re washing and drying your floor at the same time. That means no more arguments over who left the footprints of the wet floor!
  • You can banish harmful germs and bacteria that are lurking on your floor if you use an antibacterial cleaning solution. It’s just easier to keep your home sanitized because pulling out a machine cleaner is so much easier than getting the mop ready whenever someone drags their shoes across your floor.
  • The cross-contamination of the mop-and-bucket strategy is gone because nearly all modern hard floor cleaners have dual water tanks.

You can generally use the same hard floor cleaner in all of the rooms in your home without worrying about dragging germs from one room to another because of the “closed” design of this type of machine. Just make sure to change the pads if you’re transitioning from something like a bathroom to a bedroom. Most models come with extra pads.

What to Look for in a Cleaner for Hard Floors

So much of picking the right floor cleaner comes down to personal preference and usage. You’re almost universally going to get an upgrade from what you’re currently using on your floors. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just assume that all features are interchangeable. Let’s do a lightning round of the big questions to ask when picking out a floor cleaning machine!

Should You Pick a Cordless or Powered Floor Cleaner?

Generally, a corded cleaner is going to deliver a much more powerful cleaning performance. Corded cleaners also deliver longevity. Most rechargeable, cordless floor cleaners max out at about 30 minutes of usage. That might not be enough if you have a big house with lots of floor space to cover. You can easily lose momentum when a cordless cleaner times out because recharging time is typically a few hours. However, a cordless floor cleaner is undeniably convenient if you want something you can pop in and out of a pantry to clean something like a small or medium-sized kitchen on a daily basis.

Can You Use a Hard Floor Cleaner Every Day?

Technically, there’s no limit to how often you can clean your floors with a cleaner. However, what’s best for your floor may come down to the texture and durability of its base materials. You’ll probably be just fine if you need to clean high-traffic floors in a home with pets or kids every few days. Using a gentle cleaning solution may help to preserve your floors if you’ll be washing them with a cleaner frequently. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for specific floor types when cleaning your floors.

Hard Floor Cleaner or Steam Cleaner?

While they look similar, hard floor cleaners and steam cleaner machines are not interchangeable. A hard floor cleaner uses some full or partial combination of a vacuum, rollers, microfiber pads and brushes to clean floors. By contrast, a steamer relies on a constant blast of hot steam to vanquish dirt.

Both are effective in certain situations. The big difference is a hard floor cleaner is pretty much universally safe, appropriate and effective on all types of floors. The harshness and heavy moisture levels of a steam cleaner can actually damage certain types of floors.

Final Thoughts…

Finding the best hard floor cleaner for your hard floors means finding a machine that works for both your home and your cleaning habits. Be sure to look at the handle design and weight of each model because those two configurations will impact just how comfortable pushing around your machine will be.

In addition, pad or brush type is important if you find that your floors respond better to certain types of motions. What’s more, you may be interested in something that combines vacuum power with vigorously rotating pads if you’re regularly struggling to chip away at caked-on messes.