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HAB is recognised as a leader in sustainable development, favouring a fabric-first approach to environmental construction with a focus on biodiversity, edible landscapes, and sustainable drainage.


Hab is a housebuilder that believes in doing things differently, that thinks well-designed houses make for happier people and better places to live. We work with some of the UK’s best architects to design great housing that truly considers the homeowner and what they might want – at the Triangle we worked with award-winning practise Glenn Howells Architects. A successful project by Kevin McCloud, and this page archives the details of that project.

Select Your Plot

Custom building a house is easy. You get a home perfectly designed for you and it can be cheaper than an off-the-peg house. First off, you need to decide where you want to live and then mull on the ideal plot for you. Top of the hill for the best view; near the river for ideal fishing spots; the biggest garden for veg-growing? Your family size, budget, hobbies and a host of other things will shape this decision.

Tailer Your Home

HAB homes can be customised to meet your needs, desires, family and hobbies. You’ll work with our team to select from our flexible ‘kit of parts to ensure you choose the house layout and finishes that best fit you. Options include open plan living or separate rooms, and upstairs living rooms to take advantage of views and natural light. We have developed a range of flexible ‘Smartspaces’ to provide additional room to suit different lifestyles. These include a porch for buggies, bikes etc, a home office, garden room, artist’s studio and lots more.

We Build

Once the design work has been finalised HAB will build your dream home, parcelled up and ready to move in. But on some schemes, you’ll have the opportunity to take your house off us at an earlier stage, to finish to your own budget and taste, for example after we’ve put in the foundation slab and services; or when the roof is on and windows are in, or maybe even when it’s all done bar the painting and decorating. You can then save some cash into the bargain.

Home Categories

Moving into a new house – whether a new-build or victorian flat – it’s a very special moment, even more so if it’s your first move, it marks a new chapter in your life. Once you have signed the rental agreement, mortgage, or whatever paperwork you need to get the keys and move in, you can devote yourself to checking off that checklist of appliances and home equipment essential, from room to room.

Here we show you what should be at the top of the shopping list for moving into your new home and what basic equipment you need for the kitchen, bathroom, and garden if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space.

Typically, your dwelling consists of one large or two small living rooms and bedrooms as well as a kitchen, bathroom and hallway. So that your first purchase for the apartment can be structured and you can keep an overview of the costs, we recommend creating a separate shopping list for each individual room.

So we’ve broken each space for your home into the following categories with a list of the type of appliances, equipment, and accessories to consider for each room. The hard-working team at Homeovate has created links to recommended products to really speed up your time for getting set up in your new home with the “best of” appliances.


Basic facilities such as toilet, sink, shower, bath, and extractor fan should all be installed by the house builder. However, there may not be to your taste. New home installations can have cheap equipment and older bathrooms may need to be updated, so check the following.


It’s said that your kitchen is the heart of the home, but without the right kitchen appliances, all you have is an empty room. From food stored in your fridge freezers to the ovens and hobs that cook. Get the best appliances for your kitchen. Renovate your kitchen and instal a dishwasher machine – no more laborious dishwashing after meals.


To take care of your garden you’ll need some equipment. A trimmed and tidy garden will keep your neighbours happy. Think hand-held devices and power devices such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and pressure washers for keeping stonework clean. Equipment will depend on the size and shrubs in your garden.


Keeping all your home fabrics – bedding and clothes – smelling fresh and clean, you’ll need a good washing machine. And for drying, depending on space, a tumble dryer makes for a handy laundry appliance. To complete your home laundry space you’ll need ironing tools – a steam iron or steam generator iron.


Of course, you want your new home to stay clean and tidy, which means you’ll need cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners for carpets, window vacs, steam cleaners for kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning, and a hard floor cleaner for laminate and tiles.


A basic set of tools is essential for every household. It gives you the opportunity to carry out simple manual appliance repairs independently, or for some decorating around the home, a set of paint brushes on hand is a must.

Kitchen and bathroom design is often all about aesthetics. We like to admire kitchens that have sharp, clean edges and bathrooms with minimalistic modern designs. But sometimes the functionality is overlooked. You want a kitchen you love for many years. It must look beautiful, but also provide the necessary functionality to meet your needs.

Your kitchen must be both functional and practical – as well as look good. It all boils down to your kitchen’s heartbeat, the appliances which are often the focal point of the room. This handy checklist will help you explore all options for your kitchen appliances, and the other rooms of your house, to live in a happy home.

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