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Best Gas Hobs for Your Kitchen in 2022

top gas hob cooker flame

The phrase “cooking with gas” is used to express success with superb performance, because natural gas is the prefered cooking fuel choice of professionals. The only problem with gas cookers was their burners looked quite clunky and were notoriously awkward to clean.

Well, not anymore. Today’s built-in gas hobs give cooks that traditional choice, but with beautiful black glass and brushed stainless steel bases, and stylish high efficiency burners.

They’ve come a long way since their introduction to the market, in the early 1800s. And today, the choice of gas hobs is vast. As always, the DIY Dwelling team is here to help, with a review of the best gas hobs by top brands – Russell Hobs, Bosch, Beko, Neff, and more.

1. Russell Hobbs 4 Burner Gas Hob, Black

With this model, Russell Hobbs updates the classic gas look to be streamlined for the modern kitchen. The glass base on this hob is wonderfully sleek and easy to clean. In addition, you’ll find that this is one hob that’s as practical as it is visually impressive. This is clear when you review this model’s flame-failure device that automatically cuts off your gas flow if your flame is gone.

When cooking with this hob, you’re going to appreciate its clearly labelled and easily accessed controls. They really take away the guesswork and intimidation one might experience if they’re new to gas cooking. This hob also impresses with its four separate heating zones.

You can divide up your cooking duties between two semi-rapid zones, one auxiliary zone and one wok zone. This hob also offers automatic ignition that’s activated with a simple turn of the dial! It’s hard to go wrong with a hob that’s so sleek and consistent. Here’s your rundown on what this Russell Hobbs model offers:

  • Dimensions are 59cm x 51cm x 9.5cm
  • Blacked Glass design.
  • Cutoff feature for gas flow.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Four zones.
  • Cast-iron pan supports.
  • Easy ignition and precise heat control

2. Best 5 Burner Gas Hob: Millar GH7051PB – BLACK 70CM

best 5-burner gas hob

(also on eBay)

If you’re looking for the best five-burner gas hob, this gas-on-glass model from Millar is a top contender. Its compact sleek black finish makes it stand out as a point of pride in any kitchen. You’ll find that this design featuring a larger centre burner with four satellite burners really makes the best use of space.

The minimalist knobs lining the front of the hob add to the refined, high-shine look of this model. The cast-iron pan supports also add an attractive take while providing exceptional stability.

With this Millar hob, you have a lot of options for how you cook various dishes. Choose your speed and heat level using an auxiliary burner, two semi-raid burners, one rapid burner and one wok burner. It should be said that this isn’t a hob with lots of bells and whistles. However, it checks all the right boxes for everyday chefs looking for a hob that performs beautifully without taking up a lot of brainpower. Here’s your rundown of the features:

  • Dimensions are 700 x 510 x 100 (millimeters).
  • 5 burner rings
  • Premium Gas-on-glass design.
  • Attractive metal knobs.
  • Variety of burner types – Wok, Rapid, Semi, Aux
  • Cast-iron pan supports.
  • Toughened glass finished in reflective black

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3. BOSCH Serie 6: 5 Ring Gas Hob

Bosch gas-hob cooker

(also on

If you’re looking for a superb gas hob with more surface space, this luxury five-burner hob from BOSCH should make the list. There’s a lot packed into the burners on this elegant design.

First, BOSCH uses its FlameSelect tech to provide a nine-level flame adjustment. Next, you’re getting a dual-flame power burner. The benefit to this feature is that you can either boil water in a flash or effortlessly keep a simmer going.

You’ll also notice the beautifully structured pan stands that enhance stability during cooking. This hob also features elegant sword knobs that are attractively done.

When talking about hobs, the emphasis is typically on how powerfully burners can heat foods quickly. However, it’s worth slowing down a bit to discuss how beautifully the simmer feature on this hob allows you to cook delicate dishes.

For instance, gentle tasks like melting chocolate for desserts can be done so easily without risks of boiling, scalding or other flubs that will cause you to have to start all over again. Here’s a last glance at all that BOSCH packs into what can only be described as a chef’s treasure:

  • Dimensions are 45 x 750 x 520(millimeters).
  • FlameSelect feature for up to nine flame-adjustment levels.
  • Great simmering capabilities.
  • Attractive sword knobs.
  • Voted best 5 ring gas hob
  • Black Stainless steel.

4. NEFF N 70 Gas Hob 60 cm Black T26DS49S0

It’s hard to look at the stunning black stainless-steel surface on this hob without calling it the “hob of the future.” NEFF has done a spectacular job of creating a hob that elevates the look of any kitchen. While simple, this hob delivers the right features for a very intuitive cooking experience.

NEFF has outfitted this hob with an exclusive FlameSelect® feature that controls the flow of gas using nine adjustment steps. That means you’re in control of your cooking experience without exceptions. What’s nice about this feature is that you can tweak your flame to fit your cooking style. That means that you’re using different power levels when you go to sauté, sear or simmer various dishes.

Next, this model features solid iron supports for pans that enhance the cooking experience while maximizing stability. Lastly, this model uses attractive, ergonomic sword knobs. Here’s the rundown on a hob that delivers simple sophistication:

  • Dimensions are 45 x 582 x 520 (millimeters).
  • FlameSelect® feature allows you to adjust your flame in nine steps.
  • Attractive, ergonomic sword knobs.
  • Black stainless steel.

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5. BOSCH Serie 6: Best 60cm Gas Hob in Stainless Steel

With nine precise power levels, this four-burner hob delivers an at-home cooking experience that was once reserved only for professional chefs. There’s no denying that this is a “luxury” kitchen item. First, BOSCH’s flame-select feature allows you to finely tune each cooking experience using one of nine levels. You’re also getting beautiful cast-iron pan supports that ensure stability during cooking.

This hob comes in a low-profile stainless steel surface finish that is both elegant and easy to clean. Its handsome sword knobs add to its aesthetic appeal while also offering wonderful ergonomic support during the cooking experience.

While the design of this hob can be described as understated, its modern-industrial look is characteristic of the BOSCH prestige that people easily recognize. Here’s your rundown on this must-see model:

  • Dimensions are 45 x 582 x 520 (millimeters).
  • Nine cooking levels.
  • Beautiful brushed stainless steel base.
  • Extra strong pan supports.
  • Ergonomic sword knobs.
  • Premium Bosch brand gas hob

6. Beko Integrated 60cm Gas Hob HCLW64222S

beko gas on glass

Let’s start with talking about the superstar feature on this hob that’s actually going to impact your lifetime bottom line when making your selection. Beko touts that the high-efficiency gas burners on this model are actually 25 per cent more efficient than other models.

What’s more, they’re also economical when it comes to cooking time. In general, you can expect to get dishes to the table up to 35 per cent times quicker using this attractive, sturdy hob. This hob features the desirable gas-on-glass design that looks glossy while also making clean up time easier. This particular hob is also fitted with tempered glass that has a nice shine.

As you consider this hob, you’ll discover that it’s not short on features that dazzle. First, it comes with a gas cutoff feature that will zap your gas supply if your flame goes out. Next, you’re getting the benefit of an auto-ignition feature that allows you to enjoy traditional gas cooking by simply pressing and turning a dial.

Another standout feature is this hob’s wok burner. The beauty of this burner is that it flawlessly distributes heat across the bottom of your pan to help you whip up dishes quickly with amazing precision. Lastly, you’re getting strong pan supports that look beautiful while stabilizing your pans during cooking. Let’s run through the specs one last time:

  • Dimensions are 46 x 590 x 525 (millimeters).
  • Beautiful gas-on-glass design.
  • High-efficiency burners.
  • High-power wok burner.
  • Flame-failure safety feature.

7. Gasland Chef GH30BF: 30cm Built-In 2 Burners Gas Hob

2 burners gas hob

If you’re thinking outside of the box for your upcoming kitchen project, this Gasland hob deserves consideration. This is a two-burner hob featuring a triple-ring burner and semi-rapid burner. It is constructed using a base of black tempered glass with aluminium accents and super-strong pan stands.

This hob is powered by two easy-to-use rotary knobs. It also features a flame-failure device on each zone to cut off the gas supply if your flame should go out. When starting up this hob, you can use the push-type knobs for instant ignition with added protection against accidental knob activation. Overall, this is a simple design that does a lot. It’s a top option if you’re trying to fit all of the luxury and style of a gas hob into a compact space. Here’s a rundown:

  • Dimensions are 30 x 51 x 10 (centimeters).
  • Two burners.
  • Metal push knobs.
  • Glass.

8. Gasland Chef GH60SF: 60cm Built-In Gas Hob with 4 Burners

gasland chef hob

With its elegant configuration, this Gasland hob deserves consideration if you’re putting together a kitchen that wows! The four powerful burners on this design allow you to pan cook using any method under the sun. The hob’s four rotary knobs provide flexibility and precision while looking sophisticated. The cast-iron pan supports on this model are also notably elegant. Overall, you’ll find this to be a very durable and elegant addition to your kitchen.

One of the more impressive features here is a lighting system that lets you know exactly which zone is being operated at any given moment. You’ll also like the way ignition is easily activated using a push-style rotary switch. Ultimately, it all creates an easy cooking system that’s still safe for households with children.

Lastly, this hob has a flame-out protection device (FFD) on each burner to cut off the gas supply in the event that the flame goes out. Here’s a look at the specs:

  • Dimensions are 58 x 52 x 10 (centimeters).
  • Flame-out protection.
  • Luxury Stainless steel.
  • Smooth function Rotary knobs.

9. Russell Hobbs RH60GH402SS Stainless Steel 59cm Wide, 4 Burner Gas Hob

With its country-meets-industrial look, this Russell Hobbs design is the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen. Its rapid zone, auxiliary zone and two semi-rapid zones allow you to customize your cooking experience with freedom.

In addition, you’ll enjoy stability with help from elegantly placed iron supports. This design also features automatic ignition to help you start your cooking expedition without a second thought every time!

In addition to a beautiful stainless-steel finish, this hob stands out for its statement-making knobs. On the safety front, you’ll have peace of mind with help from a flame-failure device that cuts off gas if the flame goes out.

Overall, this is a dependable and attractive hob that will please any everyday chef looking for that ultra-polished finishing touch that brings the rest of the kitchen together! Here’s a final glance at this hob:

  • Dimensions are 59 x 51 x 9.5 (centimeters).
  • Convenient zoning.
  • Statement-making knobs.
  • Flame-failure device.
  • Stainless steel.

A Buying Guide for Gas Hobs

Congratulations to you if you have your heart set on a gas hob! You’re about to bring so much beauty, convenience and value to your new kitchen with this one simple addition. Like any major appliance, a gas hob requires some homework and diligence.

You want to make sure that you’re not just being “dazzled” by the first beautiful hob that catches your eye as you compassion shop. While appearance is important, you really need to know what’s happening under those burners before you can decide which hob is compatible with your kitchen. Let’s cover those all-important features that shoppers need to have on their checklists.

First Things First: Burner Number

One of the first decisions to make when shopping for a gas hob is how many burners you want your new cooker to have. The standard among gas hobs is four burners.

However, you are by no means locked into this number. Many hobs manage to add in five burners using configurations that are really stunning. In addition, you can also keep it simple with a two-burner hob if you’re shopping for efficiency.

Take into account factors like your cooking style, the number of people in your household, your budget and your aesthetic preferences as you pinpoint a burner number.

Is Gas on Glass Any Good?

As you shop for gas hobs, a style called the gas-on-glass hob may catch your eye. This is a very attractive look that combines the benefits of a gas flame cooking with the beauty and easy cleaning of ceramic hob glass. This configuration is both beautiful to look at and easy to clean.

The smooth surface of a gas-on-glass hob simply makes your life easier when it comes to wiping things clean. However, this is a case where you really need to do a cost analysis that factors in your desires versus your budget because gas-on-glass hobs are almost universally more expensive than other options.

Looking at the Big Picture: Is a Gas Hob Really the Best Option?

The honest answer is that it’s hard to turn back once you’ve started looking at gas hobs because the designs that you’ll come across are so attractive. However, it’s always useful to stop to take stock of your goals and needs as you look at model after model. A good starting point is simply to look at the pros and cons of gas hobs. Here’s a look at the pros:

  • Highly attractive.
  • Easy to control for precise cooking.
  • Instant heat.
  • Visible heat source.
  • Nice heat distribution across burners.

Yes, the case for a gas burner is compelling. However, there are some factors that freeze some buyers out from this option because there certainly are some barriers to entry that don’t necessarily exist with other stove types. Take a glance at the cons to have in mind as you shop for gas hobs:

  • Professional installation is nearly always necessary.
  • Gas hobs are often among the priciest options out there.
  • Working with gas zones does require more vigilance due to the open flame.
  • Gas often requires more monitoring and intervention during the cooking process to get the right heat level.
  • Simmering can be difficult with powerful gas burners.

Overall, you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that choosing the best gas hob is a bigger commitment than going with an alternative like an electric hob or stand-alone oven.

You’ll likely end up spending more both on the price front and installation front. However, the elegance and performance of gas hobs are often more than worth any additional upfront costs or hassles for people who simply want a show-stopping kitchen with all the best features.

Resource: A guide to domestic gas cookers, oven and hobs – Gas Safe Register