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Best Freestanding Electric Cookers of 2022

top electric cooker freestanding hotpoint

An electric cooker offers an economical way to bring some shine into an existing kitchen, a remodel project or a new build. You can really get a lot for a little when you opt for this dependable option.

Spacious, hassle-free electric cookers are perfect for modern chefs who don’t have all the time in the world. They get the job done while looking perfectly attractive and fresh inside nearly every kitchen layout.

If you’ve taken a peek at the many electric cooker reviews online, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Stats regarding cavity size, cleaning style, preheating features and more may be swirling around in your head as you try to picture what each model will look like in your kitchen.

The key to finding the best electric cooker for your kitchen really comes down to knowing which features to focus on first, or better still – choose one of our top 5 picks, where we’ve done the hard work.

1. Zanussi Electric Cooker

zcv66050xa free standing electric-cooker

Zanussi’s striking large-capacity cooker is perfect for chefs who love to cook multiple dishes at once. The dual cavities in this design allow you to bake and grill different dishes at the same time without complex time management. The enamel interior of the cooker allows for easy cleaning with just a wipe down.

This cooker really stands out for its even cooking. It achieves this with help from a built-in fan that masterfully distributes air around the cavity’s interior. In addition to being attractive, the design of this cooker is highly functional. First, just take a look at the large front window on the cooker to see how your food is progressing. In addition, visible and easy knobs take the guesswork out of getting your food cooked using just the right setting. Here’s a rundown of the specs on what can be considered an ultra-dependable, highly practical cooker:

  • A energy rating.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Dimensions are 912 x 600 x 600 (millimeters).
  • Cavity size: 77 liters.

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2. Beko Freestanding 50cm Electric Cooker Review

beko electric cooker

Beko has created a dynamic electric cooker featuring a conventional main oven and integrated grilling area. There’s a lot to love here if you enjoy custom cooking and easy cleaning features. While the 66-litre cavity in this oven isn’t the biggest around, you’re getting the flexibility of an integrated grill that comes equipped with a pan and attachable handle. Adding to the convenience of this oven is a design featuring a solid hob plate divided into four zones. The Beko Rapidlite zone delivers ultra-quick heating times.

This is an enamel-lined cooker that makes for some easy, quick cleaning. The cooker’s doors are also exceptionally easy to wipe down. Lastly, you can actually remove the glass in the top cavity when you want to get a deeper clean. Let’s cover the specs:

  • Cavity size is 66 liters.
  • A energy rating.
  • Four heating zones.
  • Built-in grill function.
  • Dimensions are 900 x 500 x 600 (millimeters).
  • 60-liter cavity.
  • Black finish.

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3. Indesit ID60C2KS 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker With Ceramic Hob Black

Indesit freestanding electric cooker with double oven

This is an ultra-large cooker with a main cavity of 77 litres that features fan-assisted cooking. A dual design, this cooker offers both conventional cooking and grilling. The cooker’s roominess and versatile cooking options make it a top choice if cooking multi-dish feasts are your thing.

The cooker’s ceramic hob is divided into four zones that accommodate different pan sizes. Cleaning this cooker is a breeze with help from an enamel-lined main cavity that repels caked-on debris. The LED clock featured on this cooker is also a nice extra that makes it a little easier to keep track of the statuses of the multiple dishes you might be prepared with this unit. Similarly, the unit’s interior LED light is another nice touch. Here’s a rundown of the features:

  • B energy rating.
  • Main cavity size: 74 liters.
  • Top cavity size: 43 liters.
  • Dimensions are 90 x 60 x 60 (centimeters).
  • Comes with three shelves.
  • Comes with a grill kit.
  • Black finish.

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4. Hoppoint HD5V92KCB/UK Cooker – Black

black hotpoint cooker

The self-cleaning technology offered in the 62-liter main oven of this cooker might be enough o convert you on the spot. However, there’s even more to love once you dig in. First, Hotpoint uses an exclusive Multiflow Technology to distribute constant and even heat to every single inch of your oven during the cooking process. It makes a noticeable difference in results in dishes where consistency matters. There’s also an intuitive serigraphy guide on the inner door that provides suggestions to you about how to best cook your meal using optimal tray positions and settings.

This cooker uses a catalytic liner for a self-cleaning function that saves you time by breaking down fat, grease and debris for you. In addition to the list of fancy features covered, this cooker’s superstar preheating feature really deserves some attention. Hotpoint actually designed a system where all of the heating elements within the unit switch on until it gets to your selected cooking temperature to dramatically reduce your wait time. Let’s run through the features of this high-tech cooker:

  • A energy rating.
  • Main cavity size: 62 liters.
  • Dimensions are 90 x 50 x 60 (centimeters).
  • Black finish.
  • Catalytic cleaning.
  • Lightning-fast preheating function.

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5. Becko Freestanding 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker ADC6M13

double oven electric cooker 60cm

Featuring a 69-litre main oven, this Beko cooker provides the capacity and ease of use needed to make you feel like a maverick in the kitchen. It’s simply a great cooker for people who frequently play host due to its ultra-versatile features and large capacity. A separate oven/grill cavity really opens up new horizons for special dishes or appetizers that can accompany the main course.

The ceramic hobs on this cooker are smooth, quick to heat up and easy to clean. The 60-centimetre surface area accommodates larger pots and pans easily. This cooker features enamel oven lining for simple cleaning. You’re also getting easy-to-wipe doors with a fully removable glass panel in the top cavity. Finally, an ultra-bright interior LED light offers the perfect way to keep an eye on your food without opening the door to let heat escape. Here’s a technical rundown:

  • A energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 900 x 600 x 600.
  • Top cavity size: 36 liters.
  • Main cavity size: 69 liters.
  • Black finish.
  • Five shelf positions.

A Guide to Buying the Best Electric Cooker

cooker plate rings

If you’re looking at electric cookers, you’re already interested in finding a dependable, hassle-free option that’s going to help you bolster your cooking game without necessarily learning how to cook using new techniques. This is why it’s often wise to stick to a cooker model that’s as traditional as possible. Let’s cover the basics to consider when looking for a cooker you can count on for years to come!

Let’s Talk Features

Which features do you really need when looking at cookers? Generally, you can get a really attractive cooker for a good price if you’re not completely married to some of the upper-tier features.

Let’s break down the big features to pay attention to when shopping for your cooker. These are the features that you’ll ultimately be “living with” for many years to come.


Really pay attention to the size and layout of the controls on each cooker you’re considering. Some people like large dials that require a nice grip because this provides a sense of clarity regarding settings. Many people also like the industrial style of larger dials and knobs.

However, some people prefer dials and knobs that blend in without making much of a statement. This is where knowing yourself as a chef helps. If you’re prone to being a “rushed” cook, it’s best to have dials that are very prominent and clearly marked because there’s less room for error.


Cleaning style can be a big one for some shoppers. Most of the more affordable to mid-range cookers feature ceramic interiors that are very easy to wipe down. However, you can also go the self-cleaning route by only settling for a cooker with catalytic cleaning.

While you’ll pay more for this option, it may be worth it if you simply don’t have the time or patience to clean your cooker regularly.

Displays and Lights

These are sometimes afterthoughts for oven buyers. However, overlooking the way your oven displays your countdown timer or offers glimpses into your cavity during the cooking process can be a big mistake. If you tend to check on how your food is progressing regularly, a clear glass door paired with an ultra-bright LED light can be a life-changing feature.

Additionally, bright LED displays can keep you conscious of timing when you get caught up in preparing multiple dishes with different heating times.


There’s a pretty big range for cooker capacity. Generally, the main cavity on a cooker is going to offer a size that falls somewhere between 60 litres and 75 litres. Yes, you’ll pay more for more space. Making the investment in a cooker with a roomier main cavity is almost always worth it if you routinely host holiday dinners or prepare “bulk” batches of anything.

A larger cavity also gives you more freedom with pan sizes. Of course, you’ll still get all of the same great features without taking up quite as much room if you need to go for a smaller model due to space restrictions in your kitchen.

The nice thing about going with an electric cooker over what might be considered a fancier option is that electric cookers tend to be much more economical. As a result, you may have some extra wiggle room to splurge on a larger oven with more features. That’s precisely why electricity is a top choice for someone looking to get the most bang for their buck when designing a kitchen.

Top Tips for Getting the Most From Your Electric Cooker

Keep in mind that dimensions and capacity are not necessarily linked when shopping for an electric cooker. Dimensions let you know how much room your unit will be taking up in your kitchen.

However, they don’t necessarily determine capacity. The way a manufacturer chooses to design the layout of a cooker actually determines capacity.

That means that you should be paying attention to cavity capacity in litres when trying to determine how much your cooker can actually fit at once. If you see larger dimensions with a smaller capacity, it typically means that the manufacturer did a bad job of utilizing the space to optimize the capacity-to-size ratio. That means you’re ultimately just paying for voided space!

Many people base their style theme for the rest of their appliances on a cooker because it’s often the most expensive and important appliance. That means that whatever finish they choose for their cooker will be the finish chosen for every appliance.

Typically, you’re picking between black and stainless steel when choosing your cooker’s finish. It’s important to note that stainless steel can be much more expensive than other finishes. In fact, stainless steel if often priced a few hundred dollars more than alternative finishes.

This is something to keep in mind if your budget is tight because choosing stainless steel for your oven means potentially paying hundreds of dollars more for all of your other appliances based on this one detail alone.

If you’re okay with generally paying more for stainless steel, you can still be smart about your budget. You may find that you’re more satisfied with a stainless-steel oven with fewer features than you would be with an oven in another finish that’s stacked with special features. This is where being a patient shopper who isn’t afraid to do some homework really pays off!

Final Thoughts on Getting the Best Electric Cooker

As you can see from electric cooker reviews, most models for sale today offer very lifestyle-friendly, dependable features. The main feature to focus on when getting the biggest bang for your buck is really cavity size.

This will determine the performance that you’re able to enjoy every time you whip up a meal. The other features that are high in the importance ranking are cleaning style and dial function.

Ultimately, finding that perfect cooker that brings it all home in terms of style and performance will allow you to build a dream kitchen around your most important appliance!