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Most Powerful Cordless Hedge Trimmers of 2022

most powerful cordless hedge trimmer cutting

There are several reasons why cordless hedge trimmers leave you feeling untethered. The first is that you can finally stop relying on costly landscapers to keep your hedges in order every summer.

That means trimming them as needed instead of trying to come up with some type of schedule that keeps them sculpted in just the right way. The second is that you can finally be free of the struggle of trying to run extension cords across the garden. Which is also much safer – my dad will tell you – he’s cut many a live power cord with his old corded hedge trimmer.

If you’re making the jump to cordless trimmers, you have a lot to consider. Factors like battery power, blade performance and spacing, weight and motor strength, are all important. The goal is really to find a cordless trimmer that allows you to comfortably mold your hedges without straining your back or making a mess of your greenery.

Which trimmers should be on your shortlist if you’re about to make what just might be the best landscaping purchase you’ll ever make? Let’s take a look at reviews of the six best, most powerful, cordless hedge trimmers for sculpting flawless hedge lines, without the landscaper!

1. Bosch Powerful Cordless Advanced Hedge Cutter

If it’s all about power and precision for you, this BOSCH cordless model is an obvious pick. This trimmer is powered by a hefty 36-volt battery. However, the consistent power on this trimmer is really secondary to the beautiful control that you get.

First, BOSCH has equipped this model with an anti-blocking system that offers flawless and continuous cutting performance for smooth results. The quick-cut technology on this model also ensures that your work looks clean.

You’re also seeing the handiwork of Swiss-precision blades at play here. These are actually laser-cut, diamond-ground blades that don’t make space for any of the tugging that creates uneven results with some other hedge trimmers. This is a trimmer that’s ideal for use on larger hedges with thicker branches, thanks to a powerful motor, sharp blades, Syneon chip technology, and Bosch rechargeable battery pushing 36 volts and 72 watts of reliable power.

You’ll appreciate the built-in powerful sawing function that allows you to use this same gentle, precise trimmer to cut larger branches that you’re unable to take care of using just the trimmer’s teeth. Here’s a rundown of the highlights on this model:

  • Powerful 36-volt battery system
  • Swiss precision blade
  • Quick-cut technology for efficient cutting
  • Anti-blocking system for faster cuts
  • Blade-tip protector for walls and paths
  • Syneon chip technology
  • 54cm cutting blade length
  • Weighs 3.6 kilograms
  • Bosch most powerful cordless trimmer

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2. DEWALT DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer

DEWALT DCM563P1 GB high power hedge cutter

This is a great trimmer if you’re looking for something that feels durable and performs beautifully. The 55-centimetre dual-action blade on this trimmer does the job with a 19-millimetre cutting gap. You’ll find that the gap is just right for reducing that problematic jamming that can kill your trimmers.

You’ll like the way the wraparound handle on this is both ergonomic and secure. In fact, the overall design of this trimmer utilizes even weight distribution between your blade and handle to help you keep your balance on cut lines. The 18-volt battery powering this trimmer offers more than enough sustained pep to help you get through bigger trimming jobs on medium-sized hedges. Overall, this is a rugged trimmer with great impact resistance. Here’s an overview of what’s packed into this impressive performer:

  • 18-volt battery.
  • 55-centimeter blade.
  • Weighs 3 kilograms.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Ergonomic, sturdy design and handle.
  • Great anti-jamming design.

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3. BLACK+DECKER BCHTS36B-XJ Cordless Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer


Upping the ante with a 36-volt battery, this high power hedge trimmer makes it easy to breeze through trimming jobs. However, this trimmer impresses with far more than just a bigger battery.

First, there’s a bale handle design that does an amazing job of creating balance and security. This touch is really appreciated on a trimmer with so much power.

You’ll also find that this bale handle does a great job of minimizing what can be a pretty strenuous load on your back and shoulders over time. There’s also anti-jam technology that helps to preserve the life of the blade. You can actually clear a jam just by pressing a button.

The blade on this trimmer is a 55-centimetre dual-action blade that boasts the ability to complete 1,300 strokes per minute. You’re also getting a 22-millimetre blade gap that makes a big difference when you’re tackling thicker hedges. Here’s a look at the highlights:

  • High Power 36-volt battery.
  • Long 55-cenimetre blade
  • 22-millimetre branch blade gap.
  • Ultra-comfortable bale handle design.
  • Anti-jam button.
  • 1,300 strokes per minute.

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4. Greenworks Battery Power Hedge Trimmer G40HT

greenworks hedge-trimmer

Let’s start by praising how easy this trimmer is to start up. Next, we can talk about the way the 40-volt battery does a great job of powering what is ultimately a very consistent, hassle-free design. You get a really nice and smooth cut with help from 60-centimetre blades with 27-millimetre blade spacing.

Overall, this is a very light and ergonomic trimmer full of little touches that simply make your load feel lighter. For instance, this trimmer’s handle swivels at a 90-degree angle. It also boasts a trimming speed of 3,000 cuts per minute. When using this trimmer, you’ll notice that it’s a fairly quiet, low-vibration machine. The last notable feature to point out is an anti-jam function that causes your motor to automatically reverse when it becomes stuck. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

  • 40-volt battery.
  • 60-centimeter blade.
  • 27-millimeter blade spacing.
  • 3,000 cuts per minute.
  • Low vibrations and noise.
  • Anti-jam function.
  • Weighs 2.8 kilograms.

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5. Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Powerful Hedge Cutter

Makitauk cordless hedge cutter

You really have to start with the nice grip when giving an overview of this trimmer. In a rare move, Makita uses a rubberized soft grip that is exceptionally ergonomic.

The design of this trimmer only gets better as you move toward the shimmering blade surface coated in non-electrolyzed nickel plating. When it comes to high energy performance, the anti-vibration design of this trimmer earns points.

You’re actually feeling the work of five vibration-absorbing cushions throughout the body of this trimmer when you experience that smooth performance.

This trimmer has a 15-millimetre cutting diameter with the ability to complete 15 strokes per minute. Overall, the performance is really solid even though you’re only working with an 18-volt battery on this model. Here’s a look at the features:

  • 18-volt battery.
  • 15-millimeter cutting diameter.
  • Great vibration absorption.
  • Ultra-comfortable rubberized soft grip.
  • 1,350 strokes per minute.

6. Flymo EasiCut Cordless 20 V Li Hedge Trimmer Review

This is one of the rare trimmers where the battery comes standard when you make your purchase. With this model, you’re getting a 20-volt battery that’s easy to swap in and out. One neat touch is that Flymo actually designed the powerhead on this trimmer to be compatible with all products in the C-Link line.

This is a very lightweight, easy-to-use trimmer that delivers on both power and comfort. Its 50-centimetre dual-reciprocating, double-sided blade is capable of cutting branches that are up to 16 millimetres thick. Here’s a rundown of the features:

  • 20-volt battery.
  • 50-centimeter blade.
  • Cuts up to 16 millimeters.
  • Battery always included!
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Weighs 2.7 kilograms.

Buying Guide for High-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Let’s dive right into the science of picking perfect trimmers that will allow you to sculpt your property with ease! In addition to covering trimmer performance, we’ll also be keeping the spotlight on your own comfort. One thing you will find is that most modern cordless trimmers do a great job of blending the two worlds.

First Things First: Selecting Your Trimmer Class

Hedge trimmers actually come in three different classes for handling different types of hedges. Those classes are small, medium and large. Here’s what you need to know:

Small: Small-capacity trimmers tend to feature 10-volt batteries or under. When putting my reviews together, I ignored small trimmers because they’re only suitable for ultra-light garden work. You won’t really get anywhere with larger hedges or branches if you opt for this choice. However, small trimmers get credit for being very light and easy to store.

Medium: Medium-capacity trimmers are typically in the 18-volt range. This is where I generally put most of my attention because medium trimmers are generally what most people will need when looking for practical trimmers for average yards. With a medium trimmer, you should be able to handle all types of general garden maintenance including lush hedges and smaller branches.

Large: Large-capacity trimmers bring us to about 36 volts. As you saw, I included a couple of trimmers in this range in my review list. A large trimmer is definitely worth the larger investment and bulkier size if you actually have jobs to take care of that require this amount of force.

I especially recommend this most powerful option if you need to cut through larger hedges with thicker branches because trying to use a small or medium trimmer is just going to leave you with a wrecked trimmer. If you’re buying a trimmer with the intention of clearing out a garden space, a larger trimmer is highly recommended.

Deciding What You Need: Get in Your Garden

You really can’t determine what you need solely by looking at reviews and product pages from a screen. When purchasing a trimmer to work on a specific outdoor space, it helps to get out in that outdoor space to take stock. Don’t just “eyeball” your hedges to determine what you need.

I actually recommend walking outside to measure the branches on your hedges, shrubs, trees, or other pieces of greenery and vegetation that you’ll be refining with your trimmers. You may be surprised to find which category your needs actually fall into once you have some concrete numbers to work with!

This will also save you from the hassle of potentially busting your trimmers on the first try or having to deal with shipping your trimmers back to the seller.

Looking at the Hedge Trimmer Teeth

Don’t just glaze over the measurements for the teeth on the hedge trimmers you’re considering, and to see how wide they are. It’s actually a pretty simple formula when you’re determining the size you need. Trimmers with larger spaces between their teeth can handle larger branches.

It’s pretty common for buyers to become dazzled by the battery power on a trimmer. This can cause them to assume that they’re buying a trimmer that can “cut through anything.”

However, battery power is only a small part of the story! You really need to look at the complete formula that adds together battery power and tooth spacing. A narrow tooth gap with an ultra-powerful trimmer can actually be a recipe for disaster because you’ll be powering through at full force when your teeth are simply too narrow to actually grip the branches you’re tackling.

What is an appropriate tooth gap for hedge trimmers?

Many people find 20 millimetres to be a sweet spot for standard gardening work. However, I included gaps ranging from as low as 16 millimetres to as high as 26 millimetres on my review list to give you some well-rounded options to consider.

Weight and Ergonomics: Defining Your Trimming Experience

It’s so important to investigate both the weight and configuration of any trimmer you’re thinking of purchasing because these are the two factors that will impact your experience. Once you hoist up a trimmer, you realize how important it is to use a design that doesn’t cause you to work with an unnatural, unstable grip.

If you’re going for a large-class trimmer, it’s inevitable that you’ll be picking out a bulky design. This is where you can do a deep analysis to compare ratios of weight to power to make sure you’re getting a model that utilizes every square inch of the machine wisely for maximum weight efficiency.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the shape of the handle grip to see exactly how you’ll need to position your hand and arm to perform trimming motions.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Battery Size

When it comes to battery size, we’re always looking at trade-offs. This is generally true with any type of battery-powered equipment. The obvious benefit of going with a larger battery is that you’re going to get much more cutting time per charge.

That’s why a larger battery is advantageous if you have a large garden space to work with.

However, there is a flip side to that. With a larger battery, you’re looking at a much longer charging time until you’ll get to full juice levels. That means that you’ll lose momentum while you wait for a battery to charge if you can’t get through a full hedge trimming session on one charge alone. A fast-charging, smaller battery is the right choice if you just need enough pep to get through a small garden space in one pass.

Final Thoughts on Picking a Perfect Cordless Hedge Trimmer

With hedge trimmers, you’re balancing a number of different factors that will help you separate trimmers that will be incredible assets from ones that may turn out to be cumbersome burdens.

When doing your homework, the aim is to pinpoint exactly how much power and performance capability you need for your specific yard instead of just focusing on which trimmer is the cheapest, most powerful or most comfortable. Ultimately, you’re buying a product that is highly categorized based on user conditions!