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Best Ceramic Hobs to Buy 2022

best glass ceramic hob pick

It’s time to deck-out your kitchen with a modern electric ceramic hob. Far more stylish than those old solid plate hobs – ceramic brings performance and style into your kitchen.

They work by heating up a coil element housed underneath a sheet of attractive shatterproof ceramic glass, that will quickly heat your pot or pan, emitting a warm red glow in the process.

Of course, nothing quite beats a gas flame for precision cooking, but today’s best ceramic hobs are giving them a run for their money – more style, easier to clean, fast heat-up times, and leaving more workspace when not in use – here’s our top six picks to suit your needs.

1. Bosch Serie 4 Electric hob 60 cm Black

bosch electric ceramic cooker

Bosch brings sleekness with this high-concept, ultra-smooth hob. This frameless design practically creates the illusion that it is floating on your countertop. While the design is minimalist, the hob packs in all the features you’d expect from Bosch.

The list includes dual rings, easy-to-clean glass and easy-touch power controls. It also dazzles with an impressive 17-stage power setting for each zone. Extra safety comes by way of an automatic safety shutoff, heat alert and easy-to-read LED display with this hob. Bosch’s exclusive QuickStart and ReStart features make cooking things your own way so simple to do! Here’s your rundown of the particulars:

  • Sizes 46 x 560 x 490mm
  • Finger touch sensitive control
  • Built by highly reputable Bosch brand
  • Automatic zone selection senses which ring holds a pot
  • Amazing cooking precision with 17 stage incremental temp control

2. GIONIEN Ceramic Hob 60cm Electric Cooktop Burner

60cm glass ceramic hob

Designed with touch-control technology, this lovely built-in ceramic glass hob makes it easy to select your cooking zone and power level with the touch of a finger. Its frameless, crystal-glass design comes off as unassuming with a touch of sparkle. Overall, this is a very classy and functional ceramic hob.

You’re getting four well spaces cooking zones and nine power levels. It offers a large, shiny surface to work with on a layout that accommodates pots and pans of various sizes nicely. It’s also worth noting that this hob works beautifully with pan types that range from stainless steel and aluminium to heat-resistant glass and copper.

You’re also looking at some nice safety features that offer peace of mind in households with kids or multitasking chefs. First, there’s a child-lock feature accompanied by an automatic safety switch-off feature. There’s also a residual heat indicator to let you know when a burner is still hot. This is particularly helpful, as rings stay hot after cooking, and with a ceramic hob being built into the work surface, you don’t want to place the wrong thing on a hot cooker.

Here’s the full rundown on what is a very sleek and dependable hob:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 59 x 52 x 5.2 (centimeters).
  • Tough crystal ceramic glass 
  • Suitable with all cooking pots and pans
  • Lingering heat sensor and auto shut off
  • Touch sensitive controls with 9 step heat levels
  • 4 smart spaced cooking rings

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3. Gasland Chef CH604BF 60cm Built-in Ceramic Hob

Gasland Chef electric ceramic hob

This four-zone built-in hob impresses with its dual and oval designs that are meant to accommodate big family-sized meals. This hob uses a slider control that allows you to access all nine power levels with ease. The touch control on this hob is designed specifically to work with a light touch, even with oily or wet fingertips.

This fantastic ceramic hob features a vitro-ceramic finish designed for very easy cleaning and maintenance without the stain and heat discolouration that is so common with ovens.

In fact, you can keep the finish looking sparkling simply by using soap and water. The last bit of “wow” factor with this oven is its protective configuration that syncs together an overheating guard, shut-off protection, a residual heat indicator and a child-lock function. There’s also a pan detector that knows when you’ve removed your pan without shutting off the power. With this hob, you’re getting a “smart” appliance that retains the simplicity needed for a very intuitive cooking experience.

Here’s a look at the specs:

  • Superb A+ energy award.
  • Size 52 x 59 x 5.2cm
  • Digital touch controls.
  • Built-in safety features.
  • Easy clean glass

4. Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Black Glass 59cm Wide

russel hobbs electric hob

This 4 electric ceramic hob by world-famous Russell Hobbs, features manual black dials that appeal to more traditional tastes than the digital versions out there. Russell Hobbs has designed this model using Schott glass that provides extra durability and sustainability. You’ll discover that the four zones on this burner contain two rapid zones and two semi-rapid zones to really streamline cooking on almost any dish.

It delivers peace of mind with help from a hot-surface indicator and child lock. Overall, you’re getting a very frills-free, comfortable cooking experience in a very sleek and minimal design that integrates neatly into any countertop. Here’s a final look at what’s included:

  • A energy rating.
  • Traditional style cooking control knobs.
  • Manufactured using premium black Schott glass, who are German glass-ceramics specialists.
  • Rapid cooking zones

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5. Best Rectangle Shape Ceramic hob: NJ CH-90 90cm Glass Touch

rectangle ceramic hob 4 zones

This hob makes a statement in any kitchen with its high-concept design featuring a horizontal zone layout. You’re sure to be pleased by sensor-touch controls, an easy-to-clean glass surface and robust safety features. The unique zone layout of this hob creates a very ergonomic cooking experience that leaves the chef in the centre without the need to bend forward toward the countertop to reach the “back burners.”

The touch controls on this hob area are refreshingly easy to use. In addition, you’re getting a highly visible LED display. The nine power levels offered by this hob make it easy to simmer and boil for a variety of dishes as you please. This hob is also delightfully easy to keep neat using a simple wipe-clean method or a hob scraper. Here’s a glance at all of the standout features:

  • Dimensions are 900 x 380 x 50 (millimeters).
  • Glass sensor touch control with full LED display
  • Unique rectangular shape
  • Cleaning Scraper included.
  • With 4 well spaces cooking zones, two people can comfortably use this hob at the same time.

6. Best 2 Ring Ceramic Hob: GIONIEN 30cm Dual Rings

two ring ceramic plugin hob

This GIONIEN hob stands apart due to its ability to be plugged in without being hardwired. Its sleek, flat design allows you to dictate temperature control using just your fingertips. Chefs can transition between nine cooking stages in total. In addition, you’re getting a full safety system that includes a residual heat indicator, auto shutdown protection and child lock.

This ultra-sleek, crystal-glass hob is a good fit for smaller kitchens with minimal counter space because it features just two zones instead of four. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain using just a wet cloth. Additionally, it’s very smooth, crevice-free finish reduces the amount of residue that can “hide” between cooking sessions. Here’s a look at the specs on this petite, ultra-convenient hob:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 52 x 29 x 5 (centimeters).
  • Two zones.
  • High reviews for 2 ring electric hob with plug
  • Can be plugged into a wall socket, without special wiring.

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A Guide to Finding the Best Ceramic Hobs


People are loving the way hobs create such a fresh, modern look that integrates a powerful cooking tool right into a countertop. The sleek, unobtrusive finish of a ceramic hob allows these cookers to blend nicely into the background while making a very sophisticated impression. Hobs can look especially impressive if you’re eager to show off some new granite or quartz countertops. Is a ceramic hob for you? Let’s explore the pros and cons.

Pros of ceramic hobs:

  • Very easy to clean.
  • They heat up quickly!
  • Very stylish and attractive.
  • Work with nearly all pan types.

Cons of ceramic hobs:

  • Pricier than conventional hobs.
  • Can provide mixed results in terms of precise heat distribution.
  • Heat controls can be more difficult to get “just right.”

The good news for anyone building or redoing a kitchen at the moment is that hobs have never been better. Details like zone layout and heat capacity have been fleshed out to near perfection in recent years as the popularity of hobs has exploded.

However, shoppers should still pay attention to some key details when picking out hobs that will serve them well as they serve up dishes in the kitchen for years to come. Take a look at some of the key factors to pay attention to when selecting your perfect ceramic hob.

Decision 1: Number of Burners and Zone Layout

The importance of zone layout cannot be overstated when discussing how to pick out the best ceramic hob for your kitchen. After all, this decision will impact your cooking experience more than just about any other factor. Most hobs are set up the same way as traditional ovens. That means that you’re getting that classic four-burner design.

With that said, the similarities end there. Hob manufacturers offer wildly differing layouts and configurations.

Zones from one to three are ideal if you have limited space or don’t have much kitchen space. They’re not ideal for preparing versatile dishes, such as a Sunday roast where you require more cooking zones unless you’re happy to be creative in the kitchen.

A four-burner ceramic hob zone is suitable for a family of four or if you like to prepare multiple dishes at one time. Most ceramic hobs feature four cooking zones and they’re less expensive than smaller models and will fit in most kitchens.

Alternatively, a ceramic hob with a five-burner zone includes a central work burner. This number doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to fit five pots and pans comfortably on the hob at one time, unless you have small pots for each section, but each zone will typically have a unique temperature range and wattage

Yes, you’ll find that most hobs come with that traditional four-burner look. You often still have to study the configuration of each hob to know where the more powerful zones are located. You may even find that you prefer to look for a hob that offers a “horizontal” burner configuration instead.

With a horizontal style, all of the zones are laid out in a “line” pattern that eliminates the need to ever hover over a front zone to reach a back zone. Many chefs like this configuration because it places them at the centre of all burners at all times. This style can also make a very high-concept visual impression. Ultimately, it all comes down to a chef’s preference.

Decision 2: Controls

You’re generally looking at three options when it comes to how you can control zone activation and temperature on a hob. The options are digital buttons, traditional knobs or a slider. This is truly an area where the decision comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer the comfort and familiarity of “traditional” knobs that stick out from the hob. Other people prefer the nearly “invisible” nature of quick-touch, digital controls.

For chefs who like to feel like they are controlling their hobs like finely tuned instruments, sliders can offer a nice feeling of precision. All of these options have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, one might feel that sliders leave too much room open for accidentally moving the controls to one extreme or the other. Another person might feel that traditional knobs are too cumbersome. Again, the decision has to come down to your expectations for visual appeal and performance.

Some Extra Features to Consider for Safety and Performance

When shopping for ceramic hobs, there are definitely some nonnegotiable details that need to be looked at first. As we’ve discussed, zone configuration and controls are the two big factors that will impact your day-to-day cooking experiences the most. It’s also important to make sure that your hob offers the safety features you need to keep both your kitchen and family protected.

A heat indicator that lets you know that your burner is still hot is a feature that’s worth its weight in gold if you’re often juggling multiple dishes at once. In addition, the very discreet nature of the controls on most hobs makes a child-lock feature a must.

A child lock “locks up” your controls to prevent anyone from intentionally or accidentally changing the settings on your hob. A feature like this is really essential when you’re dealing with slider controls or digital controls that are very sensitive. Lastly, an LED display that gives you a clear view of exactly where your cooking status stands is a real asset for safe, precise cooking.

Not to Be Confused With Induction Hobs

Induction technology is different to electric ceramic. Instead, a hob with induction use magnetism to heat the pan, rather than heating the hob. As a result, the heat permeates the food faster and can even boil water faster than a kettle. This is beneficial to saving time preparing meals in the kitchen and is also more energy-efficient and a safer option.

Because of this operation, an induction hob can sometimes need special, expensive pans that have ferrous metal. But you might be surprised to discover that your current pan set is already suitable for use.

In fact, you can check the compatibility by seeing if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan. If it does, then your pans are suitable to use with an induction hob. Bottom line, ceramic hobs offer better value for money – same style and great performance, but you can buy them at half the price.

Final Thoughts: Is a Ceramic Hob the Way to Go?

It’s hard to find reasons not to add a ceramic hob to your new or newly updated kitchen if you’re at a price point where a hob of any kind is on the table over an option like a freestanding stove.

While the upfront cost of a ceramic hob can be higher than some alternative options, the efficiency of these hobs can more than justify the investment based on lifetime cost savings.

What’s more, the amount of time that you’ll save with help from the smooth, easy-to-clean nature of your hob’s surface will make that price tag more than worth it in most cases. A ceramic hob is simply a beautiful, practical choice that can make cooking your favourites a more intuitive, hassle-free experience.