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It’s true what they say – “if you want a job done right, do it yourself

Sure, there are seriously talented professionals out there – painters, joiners, tilers, plumbers… you name it – but, they’re usually expensive.

Sometimes, it’s hard to transfer that perfect idea you have in your head to the person with the skills and the tools that can make it happen.

And sometimes, it’s just fun to roll up your sleeves, get the tools out, and do the job yourself.

You have a home, and you have an idea. But making that idea become a reality requires the right guidance and the right tools. Maybe you’re unsure of how to decorate a space, or maybe you know exactly what you want but you just can’t make it come to life, either way, Homeovate has your back.

Here at Homeovate, we’ve made it our mission to bring you everything you need to make your house the perfect home. We know that simply having four walls and a roof over your head isn’t always enough to make you happy.

Knowing where to start and learning how to do home improvements can be tricky, especially with many sites giving so much different advice. Sure, there’s many ways to tackle a DIY project, but we want to go about things the best way.

Our passionate team of experts are always busy crafting exceptional content to help with all things home improvement, whether that’s figuring out which drill you need to hang that shelf, or the best paints to buy.

Homeovate are proud to provide inspiration and assistance on whatever DIY jobs you need doing, regardless of the style or space that you’re working with. Whether it’s a shed, garden, 2-bed flat or 3-storey mansion, we’re ready with the resources to help you get the dream that we know you want and, most importantly, deserve.

Search our site to find the how-to guides, and product buying guides for your next DIY project, that will set you in the right direction to that dream home.

Barry McPhie

Founder and Editor

Barry, he’s the guy that builds stuff. From custom kitchens, to crafty content. A jack of many trades, he has an HNC in Architectural Technology and qualifications in Interior Design but his most valuable skills come from years of hands-on experience with installing and repairing home appliances, and home renovations. Nicknamed the Jigsaw Samurai.

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